New video

Finally arrived the last and certainly most impressive video from the PWA world contest in Fuerteventura 2007

62 New pictures

The pictures from the 27 July are now online, I hope you have time and good bandwidth, there's 62 of them ;-) 

No Wind - No Contest - New Design

Well today was no proper wind so the contest was postponed.

Anyway big thanks to Laure Treboux for borrowing a website design. I could pimp this one using it.  

Camcorder problem

Well today I got a problem with a battery and my charger don't work anymore.

I will not be able to shoot any more video until I find a new charger, anyway I'll shoot pictures again ;-) 

New video

Here it is, the second video is now online ! 

Contest started ;-)

Well, today the contest started and I made more than 2 hours of video.

I'll try to sort this pretty shortly but as everyone that have already made movies know, it take time !